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Origami In Grey Treasury

Yay, my work has been featured in another treasury, this time by Nivule Designs (Thank you!) All of the works featured are lovely, so please go and give it some views before it expires in a few days. It originally featured my Vocabulary Vixen earrings, but they have since sold and it is now featuring my origami pendant, Bookworm!

etsy treasury grey origami

Family of Japanese Chiyogami Origami Dolls

Well… I posted that first batch of six dolls and I am incredibly pleased to say that five of them have already found happy homes!  This is the largest measure of success I have had on Etsy by far!  So with that, I decided to create more dolls in more colors and styles… and now I present you with the little army who lives in a plastic box on my coffee table.

I went from having dolls in kimono and dolls with kimono and haori jackets to including smaller ones in a style called “hinasama” and then bookmark style “shiori ningyo.”  Since I had so much success with the first kit I tried, I bought a different kit to learn how to make the bookmarks that you can purchase here: Amazon.  The instructions are in English and Japanese for those who cannot read Japanese, and it comes with all the supplies you will need to make four bookmarks.  You can see two of the ones I made from the kit in the image above, and I have been applying the diagram to all sorts of paper to make bookmarks in vibrant colors and styles!  The good thing about this is that you can be creative with your background, or add die cuts and all sorts of scrapbooking embellishments to personalize your bookmark.

I have been having a blast folding these between teaching, grading, and researching!  It is such a therapeutic and relaxing process and each one has his or her own little personality. I’ve even taken to naming each one… Such a geek!

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Etsy (and Artfire) sellers are so determined to “plug” their way to the top.  In a market flooded with handmade goods, the one link I am most likely going to avoid is the person spamming my Twitter or Facebook homepage with self-promoting “PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME, [insert shop link here]”  Maybe it is because it feels good to interact with real people with real creative pursuits, but the spam-culture that we have all settled into is really starting to grate on my nerves.  Don’t get me wrong–I love learning about new products and additions to everyone’s shops, and the occasional reminder about a great item that needs some exposure doesn’t bother me either… I love hearing about creative processes, frustrations, and (get this!) even about what you are doing in your day-to-day life!  But the thoughtless self-promotion needs to stop.  Comments on this blog are moderated, so I often will delete those that are mere promotion and do not correspond to the content of my post but I cannot moderate Twitter and other platforms.  It seems like I am not the only one concerned about this as Vanessa over in the Etsy Storque has a great post about spam on Etsy entitled, “How Not to Spam While Being Active Online.”  A fitting title!

I think the nicest ways to use social networking is to be social.  period.  Some of the best exposure to my shop has been through My Craft Corner — a community of crafters that functions the same way a Facebook would, but for this niche group.  I’ve made a lot of friends through their forums (people creating work very different from my own!)  Of course, Twitter and Facebook have been invaluable tools to get my name out there, but I really hope that those people that have been kind enough to fan me do not regret their decision!  In person, if someone asks me about a pendant I am wearing I am always careful to chat up the work and the process before whipping out my business card and thrusting it into someone’s face…  We should all try to extend the very same courtesy online!

I guess the recent bout of spam on this blog has just gotten to me, so I will step off my soap box now.  I know 95% of the people I meet are not offenders, it is just that measly 5% who gives a bad name to Etsians everywhere…  (You know who you are!)

Shop on Vacation for the Holidays!

Like most people, I too enjoy celebrating the Holidays!  I flew back to Pennsylvania to be with my family, but it leaves me terribly removed from all of my origami.  So I have put my etsy shop on vacation mode until I return on January 1st.

Most of my work can still be viewed on my Flickr account, so if you see something you would like me to hold for you for January 1st, please let me know on here!  Looking forward to debuting the new year with some new items!

First *Real* Sale!

I am *very* pleased to report my first sale! I have done a custom order unrelated to my jewelry before this, but this is the first time someone has bought something off of Etsy.

Earrings - Vocabulary Vixen

Perhaps I have craftgawker to thank for bringing them into my shop! I do have more pages of the old dictionary still hanging around so as soon as I finish the batch of pendants I am working on, I will make a new pair.

Speaking of my pendants, I have 8 new ones sitting on my drying rack as we speak. Some are using some new origami paper sent to me by a friend in Japan while others are made from a salvaged comic book. Look for them soon!

Origami Pendants

Ahoy!  I come bringing gifts!  (Not really… just a new blog layout…)  The columns of the previous one were not big enough to really post my work so I thought this might be a better solution.  I am still lukewarm towards it though… comments?  complaints?  I finally did get those pendants done so I thought I should show up and pimp my work!

Origami Pendant - Book Worm

This happy pendant was upcycled from an old dictionary bound for the trashcan.  It can’t hurt to be a little greener!  The pendants are modular and are made out of 18 pieces of paper each.  They aren’t hard to make, just time consuming. If you want to try yourself, please head over to Paper Unlimited where the whole thing has been diagrammed beautifully!  The original model was by Mette Pederson.  Mine are done out of 2″ paper, so the end result is a ring with a diameter of about 2 1/2″.

Origami Pendant - Cherry Blossom Picnic 2

After experimenting with wire for a billion hours, I finally figured out a nice method to string beads through the center to give the pendant a little extra oomph!  Once that was learned, off to the bead store I went in search of the perfect center beads.  I picked up a few of these awesome flat ones specifically for these pendants (although their price-tag made me cringe!), and some colored jade drum beads.  So far, the results have been stunning!  Although, to be honest, these pendants look good with or without the beads.  I made 10 pendants in all, 2 I am keeping for my own wear and the other 8 were listed today over at Etsy!  I am excited… My little shop is slowly coming together!

Etsy Shop Officially Open!

Well guys…  My shop is officially running.  I think I’ve read enough tutorials on the best way to do this and tonight I bit the bullet and listed some of my items!  Any feedback you might have would be awesome.  I only listed four items, but there will be many more to come.  Now that the items are up, it is time to think about how to get my name out there… So here are the babies up now!

Origami Crane Earrings – Muted Pink Passion

These babies are pretty awesome – the pink is really muted and the gold shows really well. The actual paper had these feather-like patterns filled with red and burgundy hearts. I’m glad that the final product really showcases all of the colors.

Origami Hummingbird Earrings – Blue in the Rose Garden

The hummingbird is one of my favorite models. It puts a very interesting spin on the bird base! This one in particular came out really well, and it looks even better after the resin coating. The bird is actually an orange-y red with blue patterns.

Origami Crane Earrings – Sea foam and Sunshine

This is my favorite of all the ones I listed. Most chiyogami paper has gold patterning and as a person who usually sticks with silver jewelry, finding paper like this is a rare treat. The varnish turned the wings somewhat translucent so the crane itself it very beautiful. I used rose quartz beads to embellish the earrings as well.

Origami Angelfish Earrings – Hiding in Coral

Lastly are my angelfish! I was worried after the resin since it looked like some of the resin bled into the paper and I thought I had ruined the fish. However once everything dried, it actually created a pretty effect and I quite like them the way they are. The fish are a red/orange with gold, cream and blue patterns. I used a pretty drum bead that fades from red to gold (a recent purchase from a local bead shop!)

Anyways… enjoy! I know I certainly enjoyed making them. 🙂 Hopefully later this week I can get some of my pendants up.