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I have been meaning to offer this tutorial for *quite* some time now (since September of ’09! Eep!) and I have finally gotten around to making the images into a tutorial. These stars are awesome. They are the perfect size for any kind of ornament, they make excellent over-sized brooches for your purse, and a great addition to any bulletin board. I make mine from 2″ square paper. These ones in the image are made from scrapbooking paper. I like scrapbooking paper because it is thicker than traditional origami paper and yet the pieces still fit together nicely.  However, I have made these stars from chiyogami, foil, construction paper, tissue paper, and even chewing gum wrappers.  The pieces require a minimal amount of folding so you can be pretty versatile with your material.  Read below for instructions!

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Tutorial: Lucky Star

The tutorial is still here!  But it has been moved for bandwidth reasons.  Please CLICK HERE for the Lucky Star Tutorial!  Thanks — Ume Origami