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Scrap Flower
Most of my projects require very specific sizes of paper, and as a result, I have a whole box of paper scraps sitting in my living room… So in order to remedy my scrap paper problem I stumbled around for a tutorial for paper flowers and came across Helen Croft’s Scrap a Little blog and this paper flower tutorial! What I love so much about this tutorial is that it combines a little bit of craftiness and a little bit of folding — the perfect combination for Japanese chiyogami paper! And it is easy for people like me to understand which is always a definite plus in my book.

So this is what I came up with! I did not have any cute buttons to glue on top, so I tried to make a little flower center with hot glue, seed beeds, and wire. I made the clear and purple part first by threading beads onto the wire, and then made a little mound of hot glue on top to which I sprinkled the seed beeds. I think it looks pretty cute and gives a different texture to the center. You can get a better idea by looking at the close-up photo below.

Scrap Flower Scrap Flower

I think this would look awesome on top of packages or for use in any scrapbook that doesn’t mind a little extra volume on the page. I could also see it being used in some kind of paper sculpture or card!

I am excited to some her other flower tutorials to get rid of this ever-growing pile!


So it is official. I have been infected with the flu. Usually I would cheer with utter glee at the prospect of being confined indoors for a few days, but this was one stubborn strain and I was pretty much incapacitated from everything except TV and bed rest. Origami was out of the picture too since my ability to concentrate was pretty much gone.

So I spent the week doing something I haven’t done in years — crochet. I picked up this adorable book, Creepy Cute Crochet, at Barnes and Nobles a while ago, and I hadn’t had the time nor energy to try any of these little Halloween inspired dolls. So J was an awesome boyfriend and went to get me some yarn and I worked diligently on the couch.

Yarn Devil - Amigurumi Crochet

I’m pretty proud of my little “yarn devil”! It didn’t take me too long and while I know my stitching is not perfect, it was an awesome project to just play around with. I needed some help in the beginning, but these tutorials over at KawaiiGurumi invaluable for learning how to make a magic circle and adding/decreasing stitches. Their website ( shows you how versatile amigurumi crocheting can be if you put time into it!

My hope is that I get better and back into my regular routine soon though…