Angels for Dillion Origami Doll Bookmarks for a CauseSo a little while ago I was browsing My Craft Corner (a fun crafting community that I frequent) and I came across a forum post soliciting donations for a little boy named Dillon.  I have known about Dillon and his big sister (a fellow Etsian named Jennie @ Odeleya ) since I had joined MCC a few months ago.  He is a little boy who has undergone an amazing amount of surgeries to try to correct intestinal issues, and despite his handicap, he still brings tons of joy and love to his family.  When I saw a thread called “Donate for Dillon,” I really felt that I wanted to do my part as a member of the crafty-community.

I am not made of money and so the one thing I can donate is my creativity and time (the latter which has been in high demand recently!)  And so, I created two bookmarks (Dillon & Angelica) whose proceeds will be promptly donated to Dillon through MCC (they are organizing the donation).  They are $6 a piece and are 2 inches wide and 6 inches tall.  I decided to go with an angel theme since I remember Jennie calling him that one time.  If you want to read more about Dillon, you can find information here and here.

origami doll bookmark

Angelica: purple & white marbled washi paper kimono and purple obi, yellow crepe paper hair and, white cardstock wings

Dillon: cerulean blue washi paper kimono and white & purple marbled obi, yellow crepe paper hair and, white cardstock wings