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I have been meaning to offer this tutorial for *quite* some time now (since September of ’09! Eep!) and I have finally gotten around to making the images into a tutorial. These stars are awesome. They are the perfect size for any kind of ornament, they make excellent over-sized brooches for your purse, and a great addition to any bulletin board. I make mine from 2″ square paper. These ones in the image are made from scrapbooking paper. I like scrapbooking paper because it is thicker than traditional origami paper and yet the pieces still fit together nicely.  However, I have made these stars from chiyogami, foil, construction paper, tissue paper, and even chewing gum wrappers.  The pieces require a minimal amount of folding so you can be pretty versatile with your material.  Read below for instructions!

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Ah my lovely blog, it has been a while! I am back in California (a bittersweet return to say the least), and already back to the daily grind that is teaching and researching. So I took a hard look at my blog, and I made a decision: since my origami is the focus of all my posts here, why not make my work just as visible? The previous layout could only handle small thumbnails. So, in that spirit, I have remodeled the blog to reflect these new principles. Clean. Smooth. Photography. I have already got the Twitter and Etsy feed back up, and I will slowly add more supplementary content as time allows. But cheers to revamping and recycling!

A while ago I kept talking about how I was re-purposing some comic books for my pendants and above photo is one example. This particular pendant is recycled from a GameStop promotional comic book for the MMORPG video game Aeon. Working with comics is rewarding. I see the cool patterns and designs on each piece of paper, but the folded units always surprise me. My favorite unit has to be the one with the protagonist’s mouth (so threatening!) Although this particular pendant is not for sale yet, I will try to have it up in the near future.

This isn’t the first time I have toyed with video game material though!  Does anybody recall this pendant?  I folded this from an ad for the game Star Ocean I found in the magazine Game Informer.  They products are always so cool and they have such a variety of colors!  More to come soon.  I am making the conscious effort to most more frequently!

Origami Earrings - Decadence

Very excited to report that even though my week has been full of bumps, I did finally finish a few earrings I have been working on for a while. I made five pairs using an inverted mette modular unit and I think they look great! I am a sucker for big, colorful earrings and these are a great model. They are extremely lightweight as well and despite their size, I can barely feel them on my ears! I tried a few different papers–origami, chiyogami, upcycled book pages–and I am really pleased with how each came out!  Each pair takes a whopping 20 pieces of paper.

Origami Earrings - Cherry Blossom Dreamer

I’m going to make some smaller models in the future (these are around 2″, but I think 1.5″ might be better for some people) and see how it turns out. I have some on the drying rack as we speak! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hit the craft store this weekend and pick up some wiring. This week is going to be busy… I start teaching AND it is my birthday! Hopefully I will stop back in later in the week.

Fourteen Pointed Star

So colorful and fun!  I submitted a tutorial over at for this fourteen-pointed star in hopes of not only some more blog exposure, but also the chance at a $20 visa gift card!  It is a really easy model and one I’ve been folding since I was a kid.  If I remember correctly, I think I learned this one at girl scout camp… (talk about a blast from the past!)

I wonder why my camera fails miserably at taking photos of red paper.  The model actually has a burgundy section and a fire-engine red section but the saturation makes them look the same.  Ugh.

I know complicated models have such an ethereal beauty, but you can still have fun with relatively simple models as well… don’t count them out!  This one is awesome for Christmas ornaments actually!  I am tempted to fold a bunch in gold and silver for my own prospective tree this year since I found a trove of foiled paper on clearance at Michaels on my last trip.  J still doesn’t know if he can get off from work for us to go back to Pennsylvania, so for now I am just anticipating a family-less holiday season.  Hopefully things work out for the best though and I can go home without a hitch.  I really miss my family.

Origami Pendants

Ahoy!  I come bringing gifts!  (Not really… just a new blog layout…)  The columns of the previous one were not big enough to really post my work so I thought this might be a better solution.  I am still lukewarm towards it though… comments?  complaints?  I finally did get those pendants done so I thought I should show up and pimp my work!

Origami Pendant - Book Worm

This happy pendant was upcycled from an old dictionary bound for the trashcan.  It can’t hurt to be a little greener!  The pendants are modular and are made out of 18 pieces of paper each.  They aren’t hard to make, just time consuming. If you want to try yourself, please head over to Paper Unlimited where the whole thing has been diagrammed beautifully!  The original model was by Mette Pederson.  Mine are done out of 2″ paper, so the end result is a ring with a diameter of about 2 1/2″.

Origami Pendant - Cherry Blossom Picnic 2

After experimenting with wire for a billion hours, I finally figured out a nice method to string beads through the center to give the pendant a little extra oomph!  Once that was learned, off to the bead store I went in search of the perfect center beads.  I picked up a few of these awesome flat ones specifically for these pendants (although their price-tag made me cringe!), and some colored jade drum beads.  So far, the results have been stunning!  Although, to be honest, these pendants look good with or without the beads.  I made 10 pendants in all, 2 I am keeping for my own wear and the other 8 were listed today over at Etsy!  I am excited… My little shop is slowly coming together!

I don’t know who names some of these modular origami, but I was lucky I could spell “icosidodecahedron.”  I was playing with some old scrap paper this weekend and I thought making an ornament-sized ball would be cool to get a head-start on Christmas.  I forget where I came across the model originally but I do know that it is a David Mitchell creation.

From Ume Blog

The pieces are easy and it is created by making “rings” of 3-stars and 5-stars until the model comes together.  In all it takes 30 pieces of paper!
If you want to give the model a try, I worked off of two videos (this one) and (this one).  I did mess up on the first one I tried (I accidentally gave one star 6 points which upset the balance of the model, but it still looks pretty anyway), but I had the method down when I attempted my second.

I wonder if I can try to make a model small enough to make earrings… But that would be 60 pieces of paper and probably 10 hours of my time.  Part of me is up for the challenge while the other half cringes at the thought.  For now, my citrus creation will hang off my lamp and cheer up my desk!