For those that celebrate, Happy Easter!  Now that I live across the country from my family and friends, the holidays have gotten a little lonely for me.  Phone conversations just cannot replace dying eggs with my younger sister, playing hide and seek around the backyard, and getting together with my extended family to eat good food and sweets!  This year, J. and I are going to go get ourselves a ham and make some devilled eggs to “celebrate” in between the reading that I need to do for my meeting tomorrow. It is not nearly as festive, but it is just going to have to do.

When I was a little girl, my mom always looked at the holidays as a time to create.  I cannot even count the amount of craft kits she used to bring home for us to make gifts for friends or decorations for the house.  Origami decorations are one of my personal favorites and so I folded a few of these bunnies from the water-bomb base to decorate the apartment.  The little guy in the photo is about to attack his Easter egg M&M in my front yard.  I made a couple to hide near J.’s desk for when he comes home from work as a little surprise!

They are *very* easy to make and here is an online video that outlines the process.  This one is a great project to do with the kids to keep them busy if you are anything like my mother!

Happy Easter!