Gami Origami FontI was checking out one of my favorite blogs for Origami-themed coolness (Peacefully Folding), and I came across this post featuring Ole Fredrik Ekern‘s origami font called Gami.  As someone who loves origami and is also a graphic design enthusiast on the side, I couldn’t help the fact that I was in love.  Ekern’s website shows the paper designs prior to the black fontface and I just think it was ingenious!  Unfortunately, It does not appear to have a useable version for people like me.  So I did a little snooping around the internet for free origami fonts.  There aren’t too many available, but I did come across these gems in my search.  I think they would look great in a variety of projects!  The OrigamiBats in particular would probably complement web banners and what not quite well.  Happy font-ing!  I hope you find them useful.

Origram by Nunodias

Origami Font

Origami Font by

Origami Font by Flop Design

OrigamiBats by Lauren Ashpole