Although I usually do not share too much of my personal life on here, today is a really special day for me.  March 15th, 2010 marks my seventh anniversary with my partner.  We met my senior year of highschool and we are still together, going strong (how many people get to say that they are still with their high school sweetheart?)  We have survived so many trials and tribulations together including separation when I was studying abroad for one year, a hectic and frustrating move to California, the loss of loved pets (Sunny, Fat Cat R.I.P.), and the adoption of new ones (my girls! – Ame, Sushi, and Miso).  Living on the other side of the country can feel alienating, but we have had each other every step of the way which makes it all bearable.  And hey…  Maybe we have grown to like California just a little (although we would never say it out loud!)

Jon is the patient person behind me when I am grading (or writing) papers, who always finds the time to proofread for me no matter how late I am up writing.  He has been my go-to man for shipping packages (and if you have received any origami from me, chances are it got to you on time thanks to Jon!).  He has endured living with an apartment covered in paper scraps and abandoned folded creations, and yet always finds the time to go to the craft store with me to buy more.  I do not think that I could do what I do without him, either professionally or creatively.

So today is my day to reflect on the past and to think of the future.  I cannot believe it has been seven years…  It absolutely blows my mind.  We have both changed (and aged!), our interests have shifted, and our goals have gotten loftier, but if the next seven are half as good as the last, then I think I can make it without a hitch.

Happy Anniversary, Love.