I joined Zibbet a little while ago and I have been really pleased with their interface thus far.  Even though I was only on a basic account, my items looked great with their larger thumbnails!  It has taken a lot of effort on my part to get my shop noticed on Etsy, and although I plan on continuing listing items there, my fees per month have been increasing exponentially…  I have yet to make a sale on Zibbet, but at $7.00 a month for their premium account, it is much less than I have been paying otherwise…  A 20 cent Etsy listing fee seems like chump change, but I only charge between 4-5$ for my dolls only for Etsy to take another 20 cents off the top of that!  So I have been missing roughly 40 cents per doll…  It may not seem like a lot, but as my sales increase, I am starting to realize that it all adds up…

So I got a newsletter from Zibbet today and there is only 3 days left of their 30 day free Premium Account promotion!  (Go Here, and when you register type in the code 30FREE – it takes you your paypal page, but charges you $0.00)

So here are some things I am noticing:  the ability to use a variety of banner sizes, larger thumbnail options, the ability  to add widgets to your sidebar (This is AWESOME!  I have my twitter currently visible), custom colors, and easy to copy listings.  Aesthetically, I think it looks inviting and so I spent all night primping and tweaking out my new shop layout.  Instead of having a small banner to represent your shop and personality, Zibbet lets you tweak the entire site to match your shop front which gives a more welcoming appearance.

Plus, from the advice I have gotten from other sellers, there is nothing bad about expanding your online presence!  Etsy will continue to be my main venue, but if sales pick up on Zibbet, I might be switching my “main” shop.