If I was a man and I liked wearing a suit and tie, this image would be me!  I have been so busy with everything this past week, I have not had a chance to do much aside from a little twittering here and there.  I love folding paper and maintaining my online shop, but when my “real” profession gets in the way it can make for some messy situations…

I was blessed with several orders this week.  (Yes, you definitely read that right!  6 dolls, a pendant, and a potential custom order of earrings!)  So while the crafty-side of me is jumping for glee, the practical side of me that is burdened with grading exams, teaching classes, and doing my own research is groaning.  I am a terrible multi-tasker.  The business is good and if I can sustain everything, then it will be a nice supplementary form of income come summer.  But man…  finding time to package, mail, restock, twitter, facebook, and blog is no easy task!  I do not think anybody realizes the kind of work that goes into maintaining an etsy shop until they are in the thick of it!

But do not get me wrong — this is wonderful!  After several months of small sales or no sales, this sudden explosion is welcomed with open arms!  I blame the cuteness of the origami dolls (and the lower price point) for bringing new audiences into the shop.  I am also trying to expand my enterprise by opening a shop on zibbet (http://www.zibbet.com/umeorigami), but that deserves its own separate discussion.

I just keep telling myself that for every essay I read, I can dawdle around folding for 10 minutes as a stress reliever.

Some new items in the shop though, so if you haven’t seen them, give them a look-see.  I have redesigned my etsy banner so any feedback on our “new look” would be awesome.