Ah my lovely blog, it has been a while! I am back in California (a bittersweet return to say the least), and already back to the daily grind that is teaching and researching. So I took a hard look at my blog, and I made a decision: since my origami is the focus of all my posts here, why not make my work just as visible? The previous layout could only handle small thumbnails. So, in that spirit, I have remodeled the blog to reflect these new principles. Clean. Smooth. Photography. I have already got the Twitter and Etsy feed back up, and I will slowly add more supplementary content as time allows. But cheers to revamping and recycling!

A while ago I kept talking about how I was re-purposing some comic books for my pendants and above photo is one example. This particular pendant is recycled from a GameStop promotional comic book for the MMORPG video game Aeon. Working with comics is rewarding. I see the cool patterns and designs on each piece of paper, but the folded units always surprise me. My favorite unit has to be the one with the protagonist’s mouth (so threatening!) Although this particular pendant is not for sale yet, I will try to have it up in the near future.

This isn’t the first time I have toyed with video game material though!  Does anybody recall this pendant?  I folded this from an ad for the game Star Ocean I found in the magazine Game Informer.  They products are always so cool and they have such a variety of colors!  More to come soon.  I am making the conscious effort to most more frequently!