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Resource: Carbonmade Portfolios

On my small netbook, I run a small, netbook-specific Linux OS called Jolicloud.  It has a wonderful repository of web-apps that you can browse through and try out.  Usually those apps have been beneficial to my work, but not to my origami…  That is, until I came across a cool app that was recently added:  Carbonmade.

Although you need to pay for unlimited space, you can get a small, free account (named the “Meh” package) which allows up to five “Projects” and 35 images.  The portfolio site does not require any html to construct, and the end result was quite pleasant.  You can have your choice of background and font, and have a great deal of control over the way the images are displayed  Although I only have 35 images to play with, I was quite pleased with my ability to showcase some of my favorite pieces on here.

Although I think the site caters more to those in the graphic arts, I think the site in an indispensable, stream-lined way to present your work to others.  They even have an option that you can check to let others know that you are available for freelance work.  And hey — crafters need portfolios too!


Bookworm Etsy Treasury!

How Exciting! My Vocabulary Vixen earrings were featured in an Etsy Treasury today by Heather King Photography. She was kind enough to provide a screen cap for me to share with everyone here.

Please, give it some love!

Japanese Chiyogami Paper Dolls

Chiyogami Paper Doll - Masami Detail

So I am finally adding another product to the shop: paper dolls.  Although they definitely involve folding, I guess you wouldn’t consider them “true” origami since they do require a fair bit of glue and a tiny bit of cutting.  Nevertheless, they look cute!  I saw them being sold in the origami section of the grocery store near me, and on my latest trip to Michaels, I came across a kit from the company Aitoh.  Needless to say, I picked up the kit and was on my way to making flat, cute, chiyogami people.

The kit (which you can buy on Amazon), shows you how to make eight dolls in three different styles and comes with all of the necessary goodies to get started.  I was surprised that the paper was such good quality!  So now that I have “mastered” the technique, I can apply it to some of the paper I have laying all around my apartment.  The diagram is pretty simple and I am confident that I can modify it into some different poses as well.

I like the dolls for several reasons.  They make an awesome addition to any Japan-themed scrap-booking project, great package and card embellishments, and (for my purposes) fun fridge magnets.  I am in my kitchen more than anywhere so I figured it would be a good place to display them…  I’ll be adding them to my shop as well, but I encourage you to check out the kit if you are interested in making your own.

You can purchase the boy pictured here (Midori) or a girl in a pink kimono (Mariko).

EDIT: Midori is now being featured on TryHandmade!

Ah my lovely blog, it has been a while! I am back in California (a bittersweet return to say the least), and already back to the daily grind that is teaching and researching. So I took a hard look at my blog, and I made a decision: since my origami is the focus of all my posts here, why not make my work just as visible? The previous layout could only handle small thumbnails. So, in that spirit, I have remodeled the blog to reflect these new principles. Clean. Smooth. Photography. I have already got the Twitter and Etsy feed back up, and I will slowly add more supplementary content as time allows. But cheers to revamping and recycling!

A while ago I kept talking about how I was re-purposing some comic books for my pendants and above photo is one example. This particular pendant is recycled from a GameStop promotional comic book for the MMORPG video game Aeon. Working with comics is rewarding. I see the cool patterns and designs on each piece of paper, but the folded units always surprise me. My favorite unit has to be the one with the protagonist’s mouth (so threatening!) Although this particular pendant is not for sale yet, I will try to have it up in the near future.

This isn’t the first time I have toyed with video game material though!  Does anybody recall this pendant?  I folded this from an ad for the game Star Ocean I found in the magazine Game Informer.  They products are always so cool and they have such a variety of colors!  More to come soon.  I am making the conscious effort to most more frequently!