Merry Christmas Origamists!  As I get ready to start preparing for the Christmas Eve festivities, I thought it would be appropriate to post some kid-friendly Origami ideas.  I have a rather large family so my parents were always looking for arts and crafts to keep us all busy.  Yesterday, I noticed my mom had hung some cute origami decorations I had made years ago in a kid-friendly workshop (photos coming soon).

In the same spirit, I wanted to share this fun project idea with you all!  Origami Club has a TON of holiday origami diagrams that are easy and fun.  But you do not need to stop there!

What you Need:

1.) Wrapping Paper in Various Colors (Red and Green with a white backside)

2.) Small foam cutouts in Christmas shapes (Snowflakes, Christmas Balls,etc.)  You can find these at any major craft store.

3.) Glitter Pens in Silver, Green, Red, and Gold.

What to do:

1.) Cut your wrapping paper in squares of various sizes.

2.) With the green paper, fold some Christmas Trees and Wreaths.

3.) With the red paper, fold some Santa Faces and Boots.

4.) With some glue, past on some foam cut-outs to decorate your trees and santas.

5.) Go wild with the glitter pens to jazz up your paper and foam.

6.) Attach them to the wall or window with tape or put magnets on the back and decorate your fridge!

I will try to get some photos of my little trees up at some point so you have a model, but Origami makes great decorations for any event in my opinion.  Enjoy folding with family and friends and have a Happy Holiday!