Well I cannot believe that Halloween has come and gone, and I am left preparing for Thanksgiving!  My real life responsibilities have taken over full-throttle so my time to fold has been severely reduced.  However I have a plan to make it through this season saving money and saving my sanity.  What is this you may ask?  Origami ornaments as decorations and gifts.  Patti commented on a previous blog post that she has the same idea this holiday season as one way to conserve some much-needed cash.

Origami Pendant/ Ornament - Holly Jolly

So using the same model that I usually do (10 and 18 mette rings), I have gone into full holiday swing!  I bought some great red wire for the project and I have been having a blast making gifts for my family.  This one is made from chiyogami, but I have also been experimenting with foil and tissue paper as well.  The result is surprising nice!  If you work with 2″ square pieces of paper, the result fits nicely into a small organza bag.  They are just big enough to be used as a tree ornament and just small enough to wear.

But don’t let this limit your imagination! These can be done with various materials… Even paper cranes made out of wrapping paper look particularly pretty for the holidays. What can be better than a dose of handmade to celebrate!