It has been a constant struggle to get my name (and my items!) out there on the market.  Online success is often dependent on just how connected you are.  School has been busy so my ability to spend a lot of time marketing and promoting my work has gone down the drain, but there has been a few ways I have been able to keep myself afloat.  Granted, no new sales, but I will take etsy shop hearts and retweeting as proof that people like my work!

Craft Gawker

Origami Pendant - Mandarin Crush

This week, my Mandarin Crush pendant is featured on craftgawker (yay!).  Craftgawker is basically an online rotating showcase.  To submit, you choose a 250×250 image, and a small description, and cross your fingers that the photography is up to par.  Although I have had some success, it seems that they are much pickier about the types of photos chosen than some others sites.  Never-the-less, it is a great way to expose your work to people that would probably never see it.  It has a cute “heart” system to favorite items, and if you see an item you like, you can sort by author to see other submitted items under the same person.  Here is my craftgawker profile!


Origami Pendant - Book Worm

The gallery over at Try Handmade also has a similar showcase for your items.  For this one, you submit a 300×300 image, but the process is basically the same.  I have heard that people have some more success getting their work onto this site.  This week, our Book Worm pendant is featured! I really like this showcase because each item gets its own page where you can retweet, or send your item to stumbleupon or kirsty. Head over and retweet Book Worm for me!

It is tough, but these two sites give you a good, visual start to getting your name out there.