I know I have been slightly absent over the past few days, but I promise it is just school getting in the way of my creative side.  Never-the-less I did manage to make a short trip to the craft store today and get a little bit of crafting time in tonight.  I am working on a new, custom pendant for a friend and so far it looks gorgeous!

rose-pink-colored-copper-wireHowever, I need your help!  I use wire to make my own findings for my pendants (usually 26 or 28 gauge) and on my quest to restock, I came across the prettiest rose-colored wire.  The smallest size they had was 20 gauge so grabbed a pack, closed my eyes, and handed over my credit card to the cashier.  I have tried to play with it tonight, but it is just too thick for any of my projects…  So now I am in a bit of a predicament!

I’ve never tried wire-wrapping before… but I am open to any suggestions.  Do you use wire in your work?  How do you think I could incorporate it into mine?  Can you suggest any wire-wrapping tutorials that you swear by?

Any help would be great… I hate the thought of having wasted money for another thing that is just going to sit lonely in my craft box.