Origami Earrings - Decadence

Very excited to report that even though my week has been full of bumps, I did finally finish a few earrings I have been working on for a while. I made five pairs using an inverted mette modular unit and I think they look great! I am a sucker for big, colorful earrings and these are a great model. They are extremely lightweight as well and despite their size, I can barely feel them on my ears! I tried a few different papers–origami, chiyogami, upcycled book pages–and I am really pleased with how each came out!  Each pair takes a whopping 20 pieces of paper.

Origami Earrings - Cherry Blossom Dreamer

I’m going to make some smaller models in the future (these are around 2″, but I think 1.5″ might be better for some people) and see how it turns out. I have some on the drying rack as we speak! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hit the craft store this weekend and pick up some wiring. This week is going to be busy… I start teaching AND it is my birthday! Hopefully I will stop back in later in the week.