Fourteen Pointed Star

So colorful and fun!  I submitted a tutorial over at for this fourteen-pointed star in hopes of not only some more blog exposure, but also the chance at a $20 visa gift card!  It is a really easy model and one I’ve been folding since I was a kid.  If I remember correctly, I think I learned this one at girl scout camp… (talk about a blast from the past!)

I wonder why my camera fails miserably at taking photos of red paper.  The model actually has a burgundy section and a fire-engine red section but the saturation makes them look the same.  Ugh.

I know complicated models have such an ethereal beauty, but you can still have fun with relatively simple models as well… don’t count them out!  This one is awesome for Christmas ornaments actually!  I am tempted to fold a bunch in gold and silver for my own prospective tree this year since I found a trove of foiled paper on clearance at Michaels on my last trip.  J still doesn’t know if he can get off from work for us to go back to Pennsylvania, so for now I am just anticipating a family-less holiday season.  Hopefully things work out for the best though and I can go home without a hitch.  I really miss my family.