Well guys…  My shop is officially running.  I think I’ve read enough tutorials on the best way to do this and tonight I bit the bullet and listed some of my items!  Any feedback you might have would be awesome.  I only listed four items, but there will be many more to come.  Now that the items are up, it is time to think about how to get my name out there… So here are the babies up now!

Origami Crane Earrings – Muted Pink Passion

These babies are pretty awesome – the pink is really muted and the gold shows really well. The actual paper had these feather-like patterns filled with red and burgundy hearts. I’m glad that the final product really showcases all of the colors.

Origami Hummingbird Earrings – Blue in the Rose Garden

The hummingbird is one of my favorite models. It puts a very interesting spin on the bird base! This one in particular came out really well, and it looks even better after the resin coating. The bird is actually an orange-y red with blue patterns.

Origami Crane Earrings – Sea foam and Sunshine

This is my favorite of all the ones I listed. Most chiyogami paper has gold patterning and as a person who usually sticks with silver jewelry, finding paper like this is a rare treat. The varnish turned the wings somewhat translucent so the crane itself it very beautiful. I used rose quartz beads to embellish the earrings as well.

Origami Angelfish Earrings – Hiding in Coral

Lastly are my angelfish! I was worried after the resin since it looked like some of the resin bled into the paper and I thought I had ruined the fish. However once everything dried, it actually created a pretty effect and I quite like them the way they are. The fish are a red/orange with gold, cream and blue patterns. I used a pretty drum bead that fades from red to gold (a recent purchase from a local bead shop!)

Anyways… enjoy! I know I certainly enjoyed making them. 🙂 Hopefully later this week I can get some of my pendants up.