I don’t know who names some of these modular origami, but I was lucky I could spell “icosidodecahedron.”  I was playing with some old scrap paper this weekend and I thought making an ornament-sized ball would be cool to get a head-start on Christmas.  I forget where I came across the model originally but I do know that it is a David Mitchell creation.

From Ume Blog

The pieces are easy and it is created by making “rings” of 3-stars and 5-stars until the model comes together.  In all it takes 30 pieces of paper!
If you want to give the model a try, I worked off of two videos (this one) and (this one).  I did mess up on the first one I tried (I accidentally gave one star 6 points which upset the balance of the model, but it still looks pretty anyway), but I had the method down when I attempted my second.

I wonder if I can try to make a model small enough to make earrings… But that would be 60 pieces of paper and probably 10 hours of my time.  Part of me is up for the challenge while the other half cringes at the thought.  For now, my citrus creation will hang off my lamp and cheer up my desk!