This is only a temporary layout until I get the time to create my own!  I am so excited to get this thing started.  I registered my etsy shop, registered this blog, and I am on my way to setting up a small independent business to sell my origami creations.  There is still a lot of things that I need to figure out (shipping, paypal, shipping boxes, packaging), but I have a product that I know is good.  In fact, just sitting here in Panera, I got a compliment on my origami hummingbird earrings.

So here is my grand master plan…  (or the beginnings of one!)  I spent time in Hiroshima for a 2 week program related to the atomic bombings and the message of peace.  As a graduate student, I think the experience was life-changing in many ways.  My work has always been abstract, and while I know what I do is important to my field, I have a strong desire to do something concrete.  So part of this project is to create work to gain a little bit of money to offset the costs of living and education.  The other part is making a product with a message, with funds I can donate to an organization that is accomplishing something I feel is important.  Here is the business plan…

I want to make origami earrings and accessories since it is something I have loved since I was a little girl.  The story of Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes has a lot of significance to Hiroshima and has transformed into a symbol of peace.  I remember reading the book as a child in elementary school, but being in Hiroshima, the message contained special significance.  The earrings of various animals and plants will go towards my expenses (books, supplies, etc), but of the origami crane earrings I make, I want to donate half of the funds to an organization called Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace.  The non-profit organization is a collective of hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) who tell their first-hand experience in English.  I had the priviledge of listening to 6 different hibakusha tell their stories and as people age, I feel the message they bring is invaluable to people of my generation who have not experienced war first-hand.  So… In my own way, I want to contribute my creativity to the cause.  If I can make back the cost of the crane earrings, then I feel this is a productive way to help those who lent me their time and energy.  It is a story that people NEED to understand and come to terms with around the world.

So that is my plan.  Make a small bit of money to continue the hobby I love, have funds to donate to a cause, and maybe make a little on the side to pay for my books!

3..2..1… Let’s begin!